updated 11/17/98

At present we are taking a lot of time to write material for an upcoming new full length that we plan to record this winter, so our shows, at the moment, are scarce.
BUT...we are planning a winter tour...

september 26 new brunswick, nj w/ inside, movie life and more
331 somerset ave
october 09 wilkes-barre, pa w/ antarctica and franklin wilkes university
october 10-11 pa/ny/nj w/ anonymous and shiva tba
november 04 state college, pa w/ braid, compund red, rainer maria, and sarge tba - directions
november 05 milton, pa w/ sarge and the grey a.m. my house cafe
november 07 boston, ma w/ the bead arithmetic and the grey a.m. eric's house, jamaica plains
november 08 southern ri w/ the bead arithmetic and the grey a.m. will's house
november 14 milton, pa w/ bicycles for afghanistan, bedford, the bead arithmetic, and idiot savant garde my house cafe
november 27 kingston, pa w/ joshua, small town hero, the grey a.m. amy - (717) 779-0763
november 28 providence, ri w/ atom and his package al - (401) 521-3177
december 11 stroudsburg, pa w/ bedford, the juliana theory, the grey a.m. bizmos - (717) 476-5584
december 18 columbia, sc w/ the frownies and the grey a.m. tba
december 19 gainesville, fl w/ hot water music, milemarker + more 'gainesvillefestII'
december 20 orlando, fl w/ peterbuilt, the grey a.m. tba
december 21 atlanta, ga w/ forstella ford and the grey a.m. under the couch
december 22 tba tba tba

*** please note that we are looking for shows on the way down and back
from gainesville. if there are any places people would like us to play
or can set up a show for us please email bryon.

******this page will now be updated regularly!******