Central Pennsylvania's Mid Carson July formed in the winter of 1995-96 from the demise of Deckard and as an attempt by two brothers to experience writing and playing music together. It combines two guitars, bass, drums, and powerful, yet, melodic vocals to produce a driving explosion of sound. The live performance is non-stop energy, craziness and rock. Over 300 hundred shows later, they are still filled with intensity and consistency. MCJ's influences include punk (Jawbreaker, Avail), hardcore (Lifetime), indie rock (Seaweed, Samiam, Farside, Jawbox, Rocket from the Crypt), and everyone's country hero Johnny Cash. The band is comprised of a roofer, pizza boy, tattoo artist, redneck, and forklift driver who are all presently unemployed. Although these day jobs are necessary to pay the rent, the members of MCJ quit their jobs and gave up their apartments in an attempt to brave the open road. After moving to sunny Tampa, Florida in early 2000 for a short stint to satisfy some of the restlessness of living in Pennsylvania, the band decided the only real option was to tour constantly. The primary objective is a full-time band and world domination. The album "Ten Years on Autopilot," on Workshop Records, best captures the band's unyielding live performance. The title, a fitting quote from Kurt Vonnenegut's "Time Quake", is a description of the band's discovery, involvement, and love of punk rock. Produced by Rob Sanzo and recorded in Toronto's Signal to Noise studios, MCJ's second full-length is the best representation of the band to date. Rob Berntsen described the record as, "The inclusion, or mixture of punk rock as a major component has made them an immeasurably better and tighter band, especially vocally. This is the record Mid Carson July always had in them, but just three years after their conception, it's very surprising to happen this fast. The passiveness of "Minus Wings and Halo" made the vocals too vulnerable and easily flawed, where songs such as "No Place I'd Rather Be" and "Dime Store Girl" have a two-pronged effect; the music is much catchier and the vocal vulnerability has become confident, even forceful." An upcoming release on Fueled By Ramen is destined to recieve a substantial amount of attention. Early previewers are describing the new material as a step in a positive and more rocking direction. The song writing is teamed up with a sound that is more focused and energetic creating a natural progression in the music. The new songs may be the defining factor in Mid Carson July being used as a permament reference point to describe other bands.

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