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3404 Tambay Ave
Tampa, FL

Fueled By Ramen
PO Box 12563
Gainesville, FL

Basement Tour

We are planning to hit the road in late January to late February on a huge (or maybe not so huge) Basement Tour of the east coast and mid-west. So if any of you kids out there want us to play your house, teen center, local VFW, space, or so on please contact us ASAP at and yes, we are setting up the tour ourselves. We may be stupid but who said playing in a punk rock band was smart anyway.

The Tour Dates So Far

25 Valdosta, GA
26 TBA
27 Columbia, SC w/ Dade County Resistance
28 Wilmington, NC
29 TBA
30 Blacksburg, VA
31 Richmond, VA
3 Baltimore, MD at Café Tattoo
4 TBA w/ Tracer
5 TBA w/ Tracer
6 TBA w/ Tracer
7 TBA w/ Tracer
8 Southern NJ
10 Mamoreck, NY
more dates to be listed soon
the tour is to last until early March

New Releases

We are expecting the release of a split CD with Burlington, Ontario's JERSEY On TWO FRIENDS RECORDS form Germany. The availabilty may be limited in the U.S.
The NEW Album

Wessel' has been out for a few months on FUELED BY RAMEN and is doing amazing. If you don't have it, you should get it now and see what all the hype is about. We are getting a lot of positive feedback from people on tour and via email. Word on the street is that this album is a lot different than Ten Year on Autopilot' (our last album and out of print, suckers). 'Wessel' is being described as harder, faster, and more punk. I always thought we had those qualities anyway. What do I know? MCFNJ just writes the best songs we can.

I do openly apologize to anyone who was disappointed with the new album. Mid Carson July wishes we had a good formula for writing the same album over and over again, like Bad Religion, but we took the road less traveled and we progressed (or regressed depending on your opinion.)

The Cover Art

A major point of controversy seems to be the COVER ART. There are no fence-sitters on this issue, people either love it or hate it. I say get over it. The cover art is the best representation of Mid Carson July that I have seen yet, way more representative of the live show than any photograph. A tremendous thanks goes out to Erica (EGR STAR) for doing the artwork. On a side note, Erica also did the art for an upcoming German split CD release with Jersey on TWO FRIENDS RECORDS.

more news to come!