Hello Co-Conspirators

Yes I have been off-line for quite a while... the telephone has been a better friend than the computer lately. Anyway, on with the news and out with the excuses. We just finished recording a new album for Workshop Records that should be available March 1st on CD/LP at many fine distributors. People are telling us it is our best stuff to date, I can confirm that the production quality is phenomenal and captures more of MCJ live feeling. It is titled Ten Years on Auto-Pilot which is explained in the album.

We are trying to get ready for another tour. We leave at the end of February and hopefully will be on the road until early May. If we are lucky we may play a few gigs with our friends from California, the incredible Kill Holiday. We may tour this summer with our ever faithful pals the Jazz June, in June and July (go figure, we see the poetic justice of it all)... We will let you know what is going on for sure on our show dates part of the web page, we will get them posted a.s.a.p.

As for everything, else we are just trying to keep ourselves busy until we hit the road. In fact Eric and I are unemployed and having the time of our lives hanging out smoking cigarettes and downing coffee. Mike has got it rough with his job that requires him to work a whopping three hours a day delivering pizza and sandwiches. Chuck is back at the Bullfrog Brewery in Williamsport preparing up a storm and actually working a real job, I think he is the most anxious to begin travelling

thanks for the support, hope to see you at the shows or the wafflehouse...

Bryon and the Mid Carson July conspiracy
*if we are not playing near you at all please let me know via email, we will see if we can make there sometime in the future.