Damn, I can’t believe it is almost Thanksgiving. Usually around this time of year it is starting to get really cold outside and the winter depression starts to kick in, but now that we live in sunny Florida it is hard to tell that winter is close. The new album ‘Wessel’ has been out for a few months and is doing amazing. If you don’t have it GET IT now and see what all the hype is about. We are getting a lot of positive feedback from people on tour and via email. Word on the street is that this album is a lot different than Ten Year on Autopilot’ (our last album and out of print, suckers). ‘Wessel’ is being described as harder, faster, and more punk. I always thought we had those qualities anyway. What do I know? MCFNJ just writes the best MCFNJ songs we can. I do openly apologize to anyone who was disappointed with the new album. Mid Carson July wishes we had a good formula to write the same album over and over again, like Bad Religion, but we took the road less traveled and we progressed (or regressed depending on your opinion). We are also getting some great REVIEWS on the web-zines as of late. The only other major point of controversy seems to be the COVER ART. There are no fence-sitters on this issue, people either love it or hate it. I say get over it. The cover art is the best representation of Mid Carson July that I have seen yet, way more representative of the live show than any photograph. A tremendous thanks goes out to Erica (EGR STAR) for doing the artwork. On a side note, Erica also did the art for an upcoming German split CD release with Jersey on TWO FRIENDS RECORDS. Well we only have a few definite shows lined up for December but we are planning on playing more around Florida when possible we will try to update the web site more often. Our last tour was pretty successful and we had a great time we got to play a lot of new places and met some cool kids. One major thing we realized on the tour was that we ended up playing a lot of clubs and we would have like to mixed it up more by playing more kid run venues like basements and VFW halls. To make up for this error in judgment on our part we going back to classic MCFNJ style. We are planning to hit the road in late January to late February on a huge (or maybe not so huge) Basement Tour of the east coast and mid-west. So if any of you kids out there want us to play your house, teen center, local VFW, space, or so on please contact us ASAP at And yes, we are setting up the tour ourselves. We may be stupid but who said playing in a punk rock band was smart anyway. Well until next month or we get this damn page up in decent running order (and yes we do realize our web page sucks if you can help us for free let me know)…. Later Bryon.

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