1. Unreleased Demo (1996)
songs: Song #1, FCC, Wallflower, Song #4, Sanitized

2. Turn the Radio Down 7" ep (1996)
songs: FCC, Wallflower, Sanitized (For Your Protection)
alone records/swing kingdom
released 06/96

3. Battered Women's Shelter Comp CD
song: delicate matters
Mayfly/Keystone Ember Records
released 01/97

4. the power of failing compilation CD
song: tin can telephone
monstro records
released 4/97

5. Minus Wings and Halo CD
songs: we're at an impasse, polaris, angelic smile, ringwald, ms. alexander, the fourteenth, tin can telephone, sanitized, hearing aide, delicate matters, & sos to the world
(originally on Keystone Ember Records)
released 09/97

6. Flowers Make Everything Better split 7" with The Jazz June
song: lilac morning
Da Capo Al Fine
released 11/97

7. Compilation CD
song: Ringwald
Nothing Left Fanzine
release 05/98

8. mcj - wound up down south CD-EP
songs: wound up down south, bottle rocket, make yourself a medal
FCC, Wallflower, Sanitized (from the first 7")
Delicate Matters (from the Mayfly Compilation CD)
Rose Petal
release in early june

9. split 7" w/ the grey am
song: 32 Degrees F and Falling
Da Capo Al Fine
release early summer