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Bryon Lippincott
Eric Lippincott
Michael Schmidt
Dan Oxford

Mid Carson July(MCFNJ) formed in the winter of 1995-96 from the demise of Deckard and as an attempt by two brothers to experience writing and playing music together. It combines two guitars, bass, drums, and powerful yet melodic vocals to produce a driving explosion of sound. The live performance is non-stop energy, craziness, and rock. Over 300 hundred shows later, they are still filled with intensity and consistency.
MCFNJ's influences include punk (Jawbreaker, Avail, Dillinger Four), hardcore (Lifetime), indie rock (Seaweed, Samiam, Farside, Jawbox, Rocket from the Crypt), and everyone's country hero Johnny Cash. The band is comprised of a crew of cable techs. Although day jobs are necessary to pay the rent, work is used mostly to maintain Mid Carson July and its touring habit. The primary objective is a full-time band and world domination.
The recent relocation from central Pennsylvania to Tampa Florida is similar to the transition that MCFNJ are musically experiencing. The maturation in their songwriting is evident on the new album “Wessel” on Fueled By Ramen Records. Produced by Joe Williams and recorded at The Dungeon in Miami, MCFNJ's third full-length is the best representation to date. Although their brand of punk rock remains evident in most of the songsthere , is a driving and hard hitting element that is present on this record that captures the band's unyielding live performance. With every song on “Wessel” clocking less than three minutes the album is focused and full on without any filler. Mid Carson July is soon to be a reference point for reviews to come.

The History of Mid Carson July
as told by Marc Lacasse
It all began when Bryon and Todd were in a band called Deckard with Brian Broadt on guitar and Chris Murray on bass. Deckard played an excellent brand of mid-paced emo bastardization with a mix of heartfelt vocals on Bryon's part and angst-filled vocals on Broadt's part. Deckard produced an excellent five song demo in the fall of 1994.
Around that time, Todd left the band and was replaced by Keith Cannerella. After playing a slew of U.S. east coast shows and going on a summer tour with Syracuse NY's Cross-Section, Deckard released a two song 7" entitled "Just Plain Ordinary" in July of 1995 on Centrifuge Records. Around that time, Keith was asked to leave the band because of his rudeness and overall shady nature. Mark Lacasse, formerly of Vigil (a short lived extension of PA's Conviction), took over for Keith after only learning how to play drums a month previous to his joining. Things started becoming uncertain with Deckard very quickly at this time. Broadt started getting heavily into Industrial music after moving in with the former keyboardist of Prong and Murray started developing other interests in Syracuse, NY.
In September, Deckard played it's last show ever at Sea-Sea's in Moosic, PA with Farside, Texas is the Reason, and State of the Nation. After that show, Broadt departed to create Industrial music. Mark then moved up to guitar (his real instrument) and Todd rejoined on drums, but it was to no avail. Murray decided to relocate to Syracuse NY, so Eric (Bryon's brother) took over on bass.
Realizing that it just wasn't the same band anymore, the four of them decided it was a good idea to start over from scratch. The new band was to be called Mid Carson July. The true meaning of the name is still a mystery to us all.
Over the course of the next few months, Mid Carson July wrote several songs and recorded a few rough demos using Todd's recording equipment. The new songs ended up becoming more rockish and upbeat than the Deckard songs, yet still retaining the memorable melodies that made Deckard so special and adding complimentary melodic backup vocals. Around that time, Murray had moved back to Sunbury and asked to be a part of Mid Carson July, so they let him in as a back-up singer/cheerleader.
MCFNJ started to play shows in early 1996, and along with those shows came the notoriety of Mid Carson July being one band not to miss live. You could tell that their hearts and souls were into every minute of their live performance.
In May of 1996, Mid Carson July released the "Turn the Radio Down" 7" on Alone Records and Bryon and Eric's label Swing Kingdom. Later in May, Mid Carson July toured the U.S. east coast with Beta Minus Mechanic. Unfortunately, it had to be cut short due to van problems. Another roadblock occured when Mark decided to go back to college. Realizing he could not be in the band and go to school at the same time, he made the decision to leave Mid Carson July in June of 1996. The band then decided to recruit Mike Schmidt (formerly of Selinsgrove, PA locals Milford's Treason) on guitar. With addition of Mike came the departure of Murray. He decided he wanted to join a band he felt more of a part of, so he decided to leave and start The Grey AM.
After taking some time off to write new songs and reorganize, Mid Carson July appeared back on the scene in August of 1996 with some new songs and projects in the works. In January of 1997, yet another line-up change was to occur. Todd decided to leave the band due to artistic differences. Charles Gehr, also of Williamsport, PA rockers Jazzman's Needle, quickly filled the position and has since become a full time member. Three hardworking years with Chgarles and many release he he followed his heart and went to school for drumming in Minneapolis, MN and quit MCFNJ. The band tried various drummers in the year following Charles' decision to leave. They even went as far as to relocate to Tampa, FL to get a fresh start. It wasn't until a show in Valdosta, GA that we met a drunk kid with a mohawk named Dan oxford that was soon to be their new drummer.
This brings us to the present time, where Mid Carson July are in full swing, playing numerous shows and working hard to get you to know them.