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3404 Tambay Ave
Tampa, FL

Fueled By Ramen
PO Box 12563
Gainesville, FL

1. Unreleased Demo (1996)
songs: Song #1, FCC, Wallflower, Song #4, Sanitized

2. Turn the Radio Down 7" ep
songs: FCC, Wallflower, & Sanitized (For Your Protection)
Alone Records/Swing Kingdom
released 06/96

3. Battered Women's Shelter Comp CD
song: Delicate Matters
Ember Records
released 01/97

4. The Power of Failing Comp CD
song: Tin Can Telephone
Monstro Records
released 4/97

5. Minus Wings and Halo CD
songs: We're at an Impasse, Polaris, Angelic Smile, Ringwald, Ms. Alexander, The Fourteenth, Tin Can Telephone, Sanitized, Hearing Aide, Delicate Matters, & SOS to the World
Keystone-Ember Records
released 9/97 Rose Petal
re-released 6/98

6. Flowers Make Everything Better split 7" with The Jazz June
song: Lilac Morning
Da Capo Al Fine
released 11/97

Releases (continued)

7. Nothing Left Sampler CD
song: Ringwald
released 05/98

8. Wound Up Down South CD-EP
songs: Wound Up Down South, Bottle Rocket, Make Yourself a Medal, FCC, Wallflower, Sanitized (from the first 7")
Delicate Matters (from the Mayfly Compilation CD)
Rose Petal
released 6/98

9. Split 7" w/ The Grey AM
song: 32 Degrees and Falling
Da Capo Al Fine
released 6/98

10. Ten Years on Autopilot
songs: Truth About Liars, Something About Small Talk, No Place I'd Rather Be, Dime Store Girl, Three Minutes in Logan, Scout Modesty, Ticket Stubs, Fast Lane Charlie
Workshop Records
released 3/99

11. Wessel
songs: Top Shelf, Dear Old Dad, Brick Layer, Guessing is a Sin, President's Day, More Metal, Anthem for the Apathetic, Some Things Never Change, Across the Green Bridge, Unbearable Lightness of Being, Way of My World
Fueled by Ramen
released 9/01